Patrick A. Tarpey

Patrick got his start at a small print shop in Las Vegas, assisting with the marketing launch of the newly opened Treasure Island. He started building websites in the 90’s with TextPad and Dreamweaver while refining his Adobe skills. His big marketing opportunity came with Bulldog Hydraulics in 2005 with an Executive Vice President willing to take a chance on him. He remained with that company for 13 years until they closed the doors.

Patrick holds a Bachelor of Science degree and considers himself a Swiss Army Knife of marketing and design. His favorites are video and SEO, with a sprinkle of WordPress.

Happily married to Jenell in 2012, they share 3 wonderful daughters and 1 German Shepherd named Broomhilda Von Hammersmark.

Hobbies include Harley’s, strength training, and grilling. He’s notably afraid of the ocean and sharks. Jenell is a selachophile at heart. It’s the perfect marriage.

β€œNever tell me the odds.” –- Han Solo