Whip Villarreal

Whip is a Creative Writer and Operations Associate on D4’s Special Projects Team. He graduated from the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno. He considers himself an all-around media professional and has had his work published in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Las Vegas Review-Journal as well as regional magazines and newspapers throughout the Sierras and Northern Nevada.

Whip considers himself the “Jack of all trades and the master of few.” However, he has been told he is good at impersonations and making people laugh.

His hobbies include restoring his 1977 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, traveling and when he’s not doing that, he enjoys spending his time with his family and friends. He is also a nerd for anything Batman related and considers himself an avid fan of film, cinema, and television.

He can be found getting his boogie on when music from the seventies is played, but he considers his theme song to be Strawberry Letter 23 by The Brothers Johnson.

“You either get busy living or get busy dying.” The Shawshank Redemption