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We cut our teeth on this stuff, and decades of successful marketing campaigns mean we have the scars to prove our competency. Whether it’s crafty advertisement copy, robust search engine optimization or engaging graphic design, D4 has the expertise and internal resources to create and implement cutting edge marketing strategies that work in today’s evolving marketplace.

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Brand Management

We know what it takes to develop brand equity; it’s a long game that demands vigilance. Loyalty and recognition only come through exceptional customer experiences; these are our pay-dirt. Whether starting from scratch, or reigniting an existing brand, D4 provides the resources and expertise to raise awareness and manage brands.

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We believe automation is the great differentiator in business today. No manual process is sacred to us. We believe people are the managers of machines, not the other way around. Everything from manufacturing and administrative processes to customer experiences and marketing campaigns. We develop technology and infrastructure that automates tasks and work flows.

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Product Development

At heart D4 is a data company. We conduct meaningful research and gather data to drive our product development process. Everything from conceptualization, design, development and testing is data driven. Our ability to develop high quality products and services is foundationally backed by the resources and internal capital of D4 as a venture studio.

Industries Served

Outdoor and Shooting Sports

Whether it is acquiring a firearm, shopping for quality accessories or selling a gun for a fair and honest price, D4 has everything covered. D4 has different channels and platforms to buy/sell and consign firearms. Additionally, we have a robust inventory of scopes, leather accessories and services available to gun owners across the United States.


Serving hunters with quality pre-owned hunting firearms, scopes, apparel and other accessories that make for a comfortable hunting experience, D4 is proud to be a popular option for hunters.

Defense Industry

Primarily focused on providing firearms for self defense, D4 has a plethora of different options for those looking to acquire a firearm for self defense and options that are ideal to protect property.

Military and Law Enforcement

Offering cutting edge accessories and reliable firearms for the military and law enforcement industries, D4 and its subsidiary companies offer premium products and services that will meet or exceed any applications essential to soldiers and police officers alike.


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D4 Media Corp. Finalizes Sale of Web Development and Marketing Subsidiary

Reno, NV – D4 Media Corp. finalized the sale of its web development and marketing subsidiary business “D4 Advanced Media” to Reno based company BDG Web Design. The sale completed January 2023 and ushers in new opportunities for both Nevada based companies. “With the continued growth of our product development endeavors and subsidiary companies in […]

D4 Media Corp. Recognized as One of the Top 5,000 Fastest Growing Privately-Owned Businesses the U.S.

RENO, NV – (August 16, 2022) – D4 Media Corp. has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing, privately-owned companies in the United States in 2022 and ranked 1,972 of the top 5,000 in its annual Inc. 5000 report. D4 is an independent venture studio headquartered in Reno, Nevada that is […]

D4 Launches New Parent Company Website

D4 introduced a new website design and primary URL as the new digital location for D4, a venture studio headquartered in Reno, Nevada. Since 2013, D4’s development of new ventures and products in the outdoor and shooting sports industries have drawn national recognition and catapulted the company into record breaking revenue. These subsidiary brands include […]

Nevada buyer plans East Coast, Midwest distribution center

SANDUSKY, MI – (April 6, 2022) Originally posted in the Sanilac County News. Nevada buyer plans East Coast, Midwest distribution center BY ERIC LEVINE The empty Jeff’s Marketplace building in Sandusky has a new owner with plans to turn it into a light manufacturing and shipping warehouse for tactical flashlights and leather goods for firearms, and […]

D4 Expands With New Facility in Michigan

In 2022 D4 will expand its physical footprint with a new 34,000 square foot facility in the Midwest region of the United States. Located in Michigan, the new space is currently under construction and is set to be fully operational in early 2023. The new location is a key part of the expansion of D4’s […]
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