A New Genre for D4 Web Design

At D4 Web Design we get excited when we engage with a client who is looking for a new genre of website design targeted to an audience we’ve yet to become acquainted with. You can’t help but ask all of the cliche questions and try to understand everything you can about the industry or business. With this process comes the “ground level” marketing research where we look at what others are doing, analyze the successes, the failures, and devise a game plan to surpass the industry standard and go the extra mile. While try to take this intimate approach with all our clientele – we still get excited when a new client and new genre comes to us.  This brings us to some recent endeavors into the world of Political Candidate and Campaign Website Design. Here are some of our recent sites that we have launched: www.shelbyforassembly.com www.certreform.org www.votenomeasurea.com