D4 Advanced Media: More Than Marketing

Conversion Oriented Marketing

Building a successful product today requires a sophisticated combination of marketing, sales, and operational collaboration. D4 Advanced Media’s team of experts turn ideas for products and services into realities with their operational focus and calculated marketing tactics.

D4 employs crucial steps to streamline marketing processes and operations, such as flow automation tools, strategic search engine optimization, focused reputation management and continuous evaluation of the conversion process. These tactics are especially useful for online businesses but can be used for brick and mortar businesses wanting to make operations more efficient. From the initial customer contact, to post-sale customer retention, D4 has the experience and capability to streamline any business processes.

“Often, companies come to us expecting a marketing miracle or silver-bullet solution to increase their sales and conversions. We know our craft and these miracles happen; but not without an intimate understanding of the business’ – their core competencies, capabilities, audience, and evaluation of the conversion process,” said Ravyn Smith, Marketing Lead and Account Manager for D4 Advanced Media. “Making sure a business’ conversion and retention efforts are frictionless and automated is our ultimate goal.”

The D4 Difference

When taking the time to peel back the layers of D4, it is apparent that it’s not a typical digital marketing agency; it is an entrepreneurial engine at its core. The team of experts turns initial ideas for products and services into realities with their operational focus and calculated marketing tactics.

Many other typical marketing agencies focus on charging their clients more hours with extraordinarily little results, making the marketing process prohibitively costly and drawn out. D4 works to use time as efficiently as possible with the client’s preferred conversion in mind.

“We see ourselves as partners in the companies that we work with and working to help them succeed in the long term with sustainable marketing efforts,” Smith explained “ We understand the trust that goes into the relationship with a marketing agency and we’re here to not just create and implement marketing tactics, but to ensure their operations support these efforts and enable them to succeed.  This is how we differ from other agencies. We have the foresight to see how successful marketing will impact a business and plan ahead for that success.”

The Premier Incubator

D4 has positioned itself as an innovator in the marketing industry by providing incubation services for business ideas, researching the market viability, solidifying the new offering’s competitive advantages, forming and testing operations, identifying stress points in the revenue flow and ironing out kinks to allow for easier conversions. These incubation services provide real value for clients, generating long term business relationships.

The main difference between a regular marketing agency and what D4 offers is operational consultation/implementation paired with budget-conscious marketing efforts. It identifies what points are holding a company back from success and help create solutions that will benefit all conversions going forward.

The entrepreneurs who have partnered with D4 have started multiple successful businesses and introduced innovative products to multiple marketplaces. These entrepreneurs figured out the value of having D4’s formula of smart, strategic inputs and experiencing excellent returns and sustainable growth. No other agency comes close to providing these qualities.

Practicing What They Preach

D4 speaks from experience and has started multiple successful business endeavors of its own. One such business is D4 Guns.

Back in 2013, D4 Founder John Dunlap identified stagnation and opportunity in the firearms industry. The industry leaders for online firearms sales were “resting on their laurels” when it came to their digital marketing efforts. There were no easy, painless ways to sell a gun online.

“Like most entrepreneurs, we saw a problem and created a solution,” Dunlap expressed. “When we saw there was a vacuum where firearms sales met the digital age, we created a business designed to capitalize on the online realm of gun sales and gun purchasing. D4 Guns was created with a focus on excellent customer service and making the gun sale process as smooth as possible. Utilizing our agency marketing methods has given us rapid growth and exponential profits in a relatively short amount of time. We walk the walk; we are not just saying things will work based on a feeling or a guess. We know our methods work based on the measurable success of D4’s other business ventures.”