How to Send Us Your Content

As the client, you play a very important role in the development process. You know your business inside and out and it is this experience that will make your part in the design so valuable. During the design phase and into the building stages of designing the website, your designers will begin asking you for content. This includes text, imagery and/or video that accurately reflects your business.  In our experience, the biggest hold up during the design process is not the design but the time it takes clients to gather content. The sooner you prepare material, the sooner we can complete your website. Below are some guidelines for sending us the content needed to build out your site. Content or Text The best way to deliver written content to D4 is in a digital format such as a Microsoft Word document. It makes it easier for us to pull the content from the file and place it where it needs to go on your website. Imagery Images can be a little bit trickier to send to us as they tend to be much larger than text. For this reason we recommend putting them in a .ZIP file and either sending them through an online service or dropping them off by hand on an USB drive. If the image is something like a graphic or cartoon image it would be best to send it to us in either a .PNG or vector format as they maintain quality better.  If the image is a .JPG make sure it is as large as possible, as smaller images tend to blur or pixelate when they are made bigger. For print images we ask that they be at least 300dpi (dots per image). Anything less will lose quality when added to a printed medium. Never put images in a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document. The quality will be diminished and it takes a long time to pull the image from the files costing us valuable time we could spend improving your site. Logo Your logo is potentially one of the most important images you will send us because it is imperative to your branding. As such, we want to make sure it is high quality and free from pixilation. The best way to send your logo is either as a .PNG or in vector format to ensure the best quality for your logo. If sent in a .JPG we will have to spend time cleaning up the image to display on the website. Videos We encourage our clients to upload their videos on a service like YouTube or Vimeo. It allows for easy embed on the website and for greater reach through the two web services. If you’re having trouble uploading your videos we can help if you bring them to us on a USB drive. If at any point you are struggling with the above items, we can help you with this. We have trained writers on staff who can help with your content if need be and work with you to find or create imagery at an extra cost. We are also available for logo and branding design. For help with any portion of your business website design, contact D4 Advanced Media today.