Logo redesign and vectorization

Logos are a big part of a brand and image for a company, which is often more important than the product they create or service they provide. Occasionally a company will come to us with a logo that was created long ago and, as time passed, the original logo files were lost or were never ‘future-proofed.’ Meaning that as the business grows, they are working with a quality of image that does not demonstrate the quality of company that they have become. When they want a website redesign or some print collateral, such as business cards, that old logo is not able to be used. There are many technical aspects to why a logo file can not considered high quality, in brief it comes down to size and file type. File type is easy to identify, that’s the extension after the file name (i.e. “companylogo.jpg”). File types such as .jpg, .gif, .bmp – are raster images, meaning they are compressed into a single layer and and saved by recording pixels. Because they are flattened and limited data, they lose quality quickly when they are stretched. scn-logo-before-after File types like .ai, .eps and.pdf(in some cases) – are vector graphics. They are calculated with colors and mathematical algorithms which allow the graphic to be scaled larger without reducing quality. These are the ideal format for print or any use as they can be scaled and adjusted with the appropriate software. As standard we create a package of common raster and vector formats that allows your company to work with several different printers and marketing companies with formats that they can use. If you are looking for a new design to brand your company, we can work with you to create a fresh logo design to help you stand out from the crowd. Or if love the logo you already have, we can help vectorize it or turn it into a vector format. Contact D4 Advanced Media for an estimate. Our rates are competitive and we work with all budgets, large and small.