Looking for WordPress Experts?

wordpress website renoLooking for WordPress Experts? Look no further! We get numerous inquiries about WordPress. Everything from can you build a custom website using WordPress’ CMS to can we migrate a current website to WordPress. WordPress has become the most widely used website platform in the world and most people who have any experience with websites have used it. At D4, we have been developing our custom websites on the WordPress platform for over 10 years, and here is why.

#1: Flexibility

WordPress is incredibly flexible and allows us to build custom websites with exactly the features that our clients need and want. We can take your goals and turn them into visual masterpieces by creating custom post types or plug ins that will work for you and your business objectives.

#2: Blog Features

As firm believers in content marketing, we love the fact that WordPress makes it so easy for you to begin with blogging. There is a very easy WYSIWYG editor so that you can style your content however you’d like, easy to use media integration to upload images and videos, and features to schedule your blogs out in advance.

#3: SEO Friendly

The need for good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) grows everyday as we all rely on Google, Yahoo and Bing more and more for answers to our questions, business recommendations, and more. WordPress has a framework that allows search engines to crawl websites more easily, thus naturally creating more SEO friendly websites. Thanks WordPress!

#4: Safety

Cyber security has always been a concern, and I am sure you have taken notice at the growing threat that hackers pose. WordPress takes security extremely seriously and is constantly updating its software to prevent attacks. With WordPress’ built-in safety features plus the watchful eye of the D4 team, your website is in the best hands possible! Whether you are looking for a brand new website, or just want to migrate your existing website to WordPress, we can help! We are the WordPress experts you have been looking for, just give us a call! We’d love to meet with you and see how we can help you achieve your goals.