Marketing to Specific Audiences

There are a number of choices a designer makes when developing a website. Every decision influences the image of the company and communicates a specific message to their potential clients. This is one reason why at D4 we pride ourselves on our ability to target an audience. We take the time to understand what details must be included in your website design to best reach your clients and communicate in engaging ways. For example, when designing the Suffix Skateboarding website we used large colorful images, minimal text and an abstract design to engage with young audiences. This target market connects much better with video and imagery than straight text. Non-traditional layouts tend to be more popular which is why we incorporated these design techniques into the website. The use of hover effects is also more widely accepted with younger generations and were used here to breathe life into the website. Designing for older audiences is a different story. Whereas the young prefer trendy designs, older audiences prefer websites to have a more traditional layout like the one we developed for the Nevada Public Employees’ Retirement System website. Younger audiences like minimal text, older audiences don’t have a problem with long, imageless text-segments.  Older audiences aren’t as web intuitive and so buttons need to be more obvious. The inclusion of a home button is almost a necessity. We also made sure all images were crisp and that the font was comfortable on the eyes. For websites with content directed towards children there are specific rules to follow as well. Bright colors tend to be more impactful and the designer needs to build a digital space for the children to explore. Where adults will get the concept of a website and navigating pages, children need to feel like they are present in an environment. Sites for children will look more like an interactive storybook than a traditional website with moving characters and heavy imagery. By keeping the target in mind while developing websites, we make sure that they are as engaging as possible. If you are looking for help developing a marketing strategy or connecting with your target audience, contact D4 today!