New Features and Updated Look for

As a web design company and Internet Marketing specialists we have a unique opportunity that most other businesses don’t have; we get to listen to new business ideas – constantly. We have been impressed by the innovative ideas we have come across at D4 Web Design. We can attest that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well during these hard economic times. Being involved and apart of new business ideas, and tasked with the challenge in helping them gain exposure and succeed on the internet has become a passion for us.

Recently we were contacted by, a local Reno, NV company created to be a comprehensive resource for brides/grooms to find, rate, and review local wedding vendors. We were given the task to expand upon the website’s initial design by improving website usability, navigation, cross-browser compatibility, enhance the homepage, and drive more traffic to the website through a “Vendor badge.”

D4 was also contracted to create a “My Wedding Website” feature that allows users to create a free wedding website.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the latest version of

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