New Website Launched: GeoCement

We are excited to announce the launch of! As a multi-site project, GeoCement is a reflection of the marketing, branding and web design used in its parent company, Gradient Resources. It was important for us to highlight GeoCement’s capabilities in accordance with their company profile, so on the home page we featured images of the drilling/cementing processes along with some of the major equipment that they use.

Geo Cement, a subsidiary of Gradient Resources, began their cementing operations in September of 2008.  The first well cemented for Vulcan Power Company (Vulcan) was in the Salt Wells Field south of Fallon, Nevada.  Prior to formation of Geo Cement, Vulcan contracted with Halliburton Services for their cementing service requirements.

Drilling continued in the Salt Wells area and Geo Cement successfully cemented 8 production wells and 1 corehole, providing a 70% savings in cost from using outside cement service companies.  Vulcan moved their drilling program to the Patua field near Hazen, Nevada in 2009 and drilled 3 additional production wells which Geo Cement cemented successfully.  Vulcan temporarily stopped drilling in June 2009. Drilling resumed in February 2010 and Geo Cement successfully cemented the next 6 production wells and 5 additional coreholes.