Newly Launched: GeoData Manager!

We are excited to announce the 4th and final installment of a series of informational websites! GeoData Manager is part of a multi-site content management system that has been entirely designed by D4. This large website design project entailed implementing custom navigation menus, custom sidebars and dynamic news content. We aimed for a professional, clean and easy to navigate website interface with the latest jquery and javascript technology. Check it out for yourself!

Gradient Resources Inc., parent company of Gradient Geo Data, is engaged in the exploration and development of geothermal resources as well as the construction, ownership and operation of geothermal power plants. The company is headquartered in Reno, Nevada with a regional office, drilling operations center, and well-cementing plant near its Patua and Fallon projects. They a powerful, proprietary software package to provide for the storage, analysis, and presentation of the tremendous amount of geothermal data produced during the exploration and evaluation of its geothermal projects. This proprietary technology includes GeoData Manager, WELLSIM, and Steamfield Manager.

GeoData Manager: A comprehensive data management system that facilitates the storage, presentation and analysis of most data from a geothermal exploration and development program.

WellSim: An integrated geothermal wellbore simulator and analysis package designed to allow ‘what-if’ scenarios.

Steamfield Manager: Specifically designed to handle both short-term and long-term data from an operating geothermal steamfield.