Personify Your Brand On Social Media

Social media.  It went from buzz word, to some people using it, to everyone using it, to businesses using it to sell, and now we are in the next phase: businesses using social media to build relationships and form genuine connections with their customers. Typically, there are 2 types of strategies businesses use for social media management. The first strategy is to blast sales, promotions and company news to users. This may have worked for a brief period of time, but now? When was the last time you went on facebook and were happy to see an ad for a sale? We use social media to see what friends are up to, see content that speaks to us and feel connected to a community. We do not use social media to be sold to, this strategy does not work well. The second strategy is to be a friend to your customers. Social media managers post and create content that engages people, talk not only about your brand but about things that your customers care about. You can associate yourself with brands unrelated to you that you know your customers are passionate about, you can give them travel quotes if they are travelers, DIY ideas if they are DIYers, etc. Give them content they want to see that might happen to relate to your service or include your product, not content about your product or service that has nothing to do with their interests. The lesson? People want to talk to people, not companies. Be that person for them, humanize your company and your brand. Personify your customer’s friend, then show them you want to connect with them on a personal level. Once you have their loyalty, you will have a customer for life. Do you need help with this strategy? Is social media not your thing? Guess what, it’s our thing! Give us a call for a free social media consultation and find out what we can do for you and your brand.