Startups and SEO

la-tierra-screenshotAttention small business owners and startup companies: if your website is not search engine optimized and you are not actively working on an SEO campaign, you are missing out on a very large segment of potential customers who want to discover and interact with your brand. People are proactively searching for the products and services you are selling, the challenge is getting noticed and converting browsers into buyers. It’s not enough anymore to build a pretty website and expect people to find you; search engine optimization is an essential part of any businesses online presence. Having a website for your product or service is an excellent start but you will want to make sure the site works well with leading search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and at a minimum, generate a site map, title tags, heading titles and site description. The next step is to further increase your search engine rankings, increase brand awareness and increase visibility with a well targeted, well researched SEO campaign strategy. It is your best interest to have a web design company do a quick audit of your site. There are always ways to improve both your search ranking and how people are using your website. A well-versed marketing professional can help you correctly optimize your website, taking into account how people search for and find your product and create an effective SEO campaign strategy. If you have questions about search engine optimization and its effectiveness, D4 can help. We discover and implement web solutions that best fit our client’s businesses and goals. We are eager to learn more about your company and provide you with a marketing and SEO strategy tailored to your business. Contact us today for a free website consultation today!