What is AB Testing?

The worlds of digital marketing and web design employ various tactics designed to meet and exceed conversion goals. Formulating innovative marketing strategies and ideas will only take your business so far. Analyzing and assessing every detail of your business’s website will lead to insights that will drive user traffic, customer acquisitions, purchases, or whatever your conversion goal is. D4 Advanced Media takes great ideas and turns them into exceptional marketing strategies using AB testing.

What Is AB Testing?

What is AB Testing?

At the basic level, AB testing (also known as A/b testing, split testing, and bucket testing) analyzes the effectiveness of a variable using two choices: the control and the variation. A sample group is exposed to the two versions. The version that receives a more favorable response among sampled users gets kept while the version that performs less well gets discarded.

The variable could be one website version versus a slightly different website version. Similar to using the scientific method, AB testing works best when the test designer compares narrow variants of the same variable. Comparing two completely different website variants would be less effective than comparing two similar variants with a single detail altered. Focusing on the performance of a narrow variable allows the web developer or marketer to systematically accumulate high-performing variants.

For example, a web developer may test Font A against Font B for a home page. Once the better performing font is identified through statistical analysis, the developer can begin testing another variable like Background Image A versus Background Image B. This “brick-by-brick” system of comparison and assessment can be tedious for business owners, and that’s why D4 Advanced Media is eager to custom design AB tests for your website that will deliver evidence-based conversion results.

CashMyGuns.com – A Mini Case Study

D4 Advanced Media recently redesigned the website for CashMyGuns.com. We employed AB testing to test the performance of certain website aspects between two different versions of the same website. We used Google Analytics to statistically determine the better performing website using the following KPI’s (key performance indicators).

  • Users
  • Sessions
  • Bounce Rate
  • Session Duration
  • User Acquisition
  • Device Comparison
  • Most Frequented Pages

We at D4 Advanced Media are great at developing incredible user experiences and engaging an online audience; other people think so too and can vouch for our expertise. For over 15 years we have been known for our business integrity, fresh creativity, and dedicated professionalism. We can design AB tests around your website to meet all your conversion goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!