What To Consider Before Choosing A Web Company

Do you need a website or a website redesign and you aren’t sure where to go? How can you tell if a website or marketing company is a good fit for you? We understand it can be difficult to choose who to partner with for your project. Your website is the living, breathing manifestation of your brand and your business and you want to be sure you are partnering with a company who will execute your needs to your standards. Here are some things to consider before choosing a web design company to partner with:

  1. Where does your website fit into your big picture marketing plan? Your website is a very important piece of your marketing plan, but it is just that, a PIECE of your marketing plan. Think about what else you will need and how you want to get those things done. Maybe you will want ads showcasing your new website and driving traffic, maybe you need new brochures that will flow seamlessly with your new website design, partner with someone who can take care of all of those needs for you and maintain a consistent feel.
  2. What is the scope of your project? Do you need an informational website with pages of content that are fairly static, or do you need a comprehensive e-commerce website that integrates your CRM, inventory management system and marketing tools? It is good to be aware of how large your project is and how that will effect budget and project timeline.
  3. What other aspects of your business will be impacted by your new website? This can be an opportunity to inject new life into all aspects of your business. For example, maybe your sales team is needing more leads, or maybe your administration team is tired of printing and scanning all of their paperwork. Let’s discuss ways that your new website can help make different aspects of your business more efficient and get everyone excited about this new change!
  4. How much ongoing maintenance do you need? Companies vary on the amount of service they can provide after a project is launched. Some companies are happy to help with any small edits you need on a pay-as-you-go basis and that is all you need. Sometimes you will need monthly maintenance, in this case you want to make sure you find a partner who will work with you and give you a retainer. This can save you money and ensure your website is looking and functioning its best. At D4, we offer both types of maintenance plans and ensure you are not overspending on maintenance.

Once you have decided on a new website or website redesign, contact us for a free website consultation and we will help you navigate the questions above and put together a plan that works for you!