Why D4 loves SVGs

We may be a bit out of place our typical blogs, but this is something that just has to be said. We love SVGs here at D4! And for those of you that don’t know what an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) is, well it’s a vector file type that is pretty standard for so many things! We’ve discussed before some of the differences between Raster and Vector graphic design. In short, what JPGs are to Rasters, SVG are to Vectors.

Why We Love ’em?

We’re Nerds… that’s why They are so easy to use for everything. So when you get a logo design from us, you can take it to a sign company and get a huge lit sign! Want to get a cool business card holder design laser engraved? First off, that’s awesome! Two, Yes you can! Even some CNC machines can convert SVG to G-code to make the machines go – that’s right, your logo in solid metal! Anyways, to digress, SVGs can be used in sign design, billboard design, basically any print design, website design, and some stuff we haven’t thought of yet.

And You Know What Else

SVGs are light weight with just a few lines of code to create an entire image, perfect for web design. With CSS3, we can dynamically transform the color of a design with mouse over stat, or change for different user types, etc. The possibilities are limitless. They’re also really great for Responsive web design, imagine one logo for an infinite number of devices. Now, sadly, SVGs are 100% compatible with older devices, but we have a secret up our sleeves to have a good ol’ fallback to the designs.