WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg “Block” Editor

We at D4 Advanced Media can do some incredible things for our clients using CMS’s (content management systems) of various types. That said, we, like many digital content producers, prefer to use WordPress for most sites. WordPress has long been known for its user- friendly page and post creation. WordPress hopes to build on its easy-to-use website building platform with the release of WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg “Block” editor. In this article we discuss some of the nuances to the Gutenberg editor and WordPress 5.0.

What Is Gutenberg, Exactly?

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Gutenberg allows users to easily customize every “block” or paragraph with tables, font colors, embedded videos, font sizes, reusable blocks, images, drop caps, background color, and more. Gutenberg effectively merges the old “visual” and “text” editors into one user-friendly editor. No more losing formatting or breaking code when you switch between the visual and text editors!

New layout elements include: buttons, columns, media & text, page breaks, separators and spacers.

The amount of embeddable content from other platforms is staggering. Users can now embed things like: tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Spotify songs and many more.

Another great feature is the ability to overlay text and colors on top of images. This will come in handy for users who need quick, basic graphics.

Note that the Gutenberg editor will be a part of the WordPress Core. That said, we can definitely install the Classic Editor Plug-in if you wish to keep the old editor.

As D4 upgrades your WordPress account to 5.0, we will be monitoring the editor’s effect on back-end customizations to your site.

Besides Gutenberg, what else does WordPress 5.0 offer?

  • Security updates
  • Bug fixes
  • New theme: Twenty Nineteen. This theme is designed to be responsive across all mobile devices and screen sizes. This theme is also designed to increase page load speed which will help your SEO ranking.

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