Award-Winning Web Design for Nevada Mining Industry

Near the tail end of 2017, D4 Advanced Media launched the redesign of the Nevada Mining Association’s website. We nearly brought home gold at the 2017 ACE Awards for best website design for this project. Our talented team of web developers created custom features for the site with highlights including a “Careers in Mining” platform, an interactive guide to the common minerals and elements mined in Nevada, a member’s only section with exclusive content, and more.

D4 Advanced Media and the Nevada Mining Association could not be happier about the collaborative work done on and the mutually beneficial relationship between our organizations that continues forward. You don’t need to take our word for it. What exactly did the Nevada Mining Association have to say about the website redesign?

“I also wanted to let you guys know that the website has had a very positive reception from our members. You guys did a fantastic job and we greatly appreciate the work you guys put in and continue to put in helping us resolve the issues that we come across,” said Joseph Riney, Director of Workforce Engagement at the Nevada Mining Association.

Outline of D4’s Innovative Work for Nevada Mining Association

Nevada Mining Association is one of the top 10 mining associations in the world. NvMA came to D4 asking for help designing their new website. Following are brief descriptions of the custom features we designed for NvMA.

  • Main Website
    • We’ve worked with NMA for years, so we were aware of some of their specific needs.
    • The website was designed to allow for modular future changes.
    • We kept a light open feel, without overloading the design with the blue from the branding.
  • Careers
    • We developed a “Careers in Mining” platform.
    • Designed for people in mining to find a new career in their education. As well as for career paths for students interested in joining the mining industry
    • Users can sort and filter the results
    • It’s easy for the client to add and remove careers and maintain the sorting functionality
  • Classroom Activities
    • Designed for use by educators K-12, the activities function has a list of activities for use in the classroom
    • The system was designed for quick additions by educators that are reviewed and submitted by a committee board member, not for an HTML guru
    • The front end is sortable by science standards or grade level.
  • Minerals in Nevada
    • An easy guide to the common minerals and elements mined here in Nevada
    • Offers a quick addition and modification for all minerals
  • Membership Login
    • Using a third-party site to authenticate the users to log in and allow access to member only content
    • Authentication API runs in the background without maintenance by NVMA or others
  • Social Feed
    • Pull and combine a feed of news from multiple sources, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blog and events
    • Using each of the social media APIs to build the feed

Benefits of Membership to Nevada Mining Association

From advocacy on major policy issues, to creating a platform for business-to-business connections, the Nevada Mining Association connects hundreds of Nevada companies to the Silver State’s mining economy.

Below are a just a few of the benefits that D4 Advanced Media has reaped since becoming a member of the Nevada Mining Association.

Networking:  Grow your brand, find new clients, and demonstrate your expertise through NvMA’s renowned calendar of programs.

Advocacy:   The Nevada Mining Association guarantees a seat at the table for its members when new policies and rules affect the industry.

Education:  Whether it’s a new safety rule, tax law, or environmental regulation, NvMA ensures members are up-to-speed on all the latest topics.

Leadership:  NvMA is rated one of the top-ten mining Associations in the world and its members are leaders in the international mining community.

Did you know that the Nevada Mining Association works with 2,230+ Nevada businesses?

Did you know that Nevada’s mining industry created 28,660 local jobs?

Did you know that Nevada’s mining industry generates more than $11 billion for Nevada’s economy?

We at D4 Advanced Media are great at developing incredible user experiences and engaging an online audience; other people think so, too, and can vouch for our expertise.

We strive to exceed expectations.

We live and breathe Internet Technologies.

We are passionate about being experts in the field.

We do what we say we will do, and we do it on time.

We teach our clients how to use the state-of-the-art technology that we design for them.

The result is search friendly websites that catch attention, generate leads and encourage action. We value honesty above all else, and we always treat our clients with fairness and respect. For over 15 years, we have been known for our business integrity, fresh creativity, and dedicated professionalism.

If you enjoy the work we did for Nevada Mining Association, let’s meet to discuss your next web design, graphics, SEO, or marketing project. If the look and functionality we created for NvMA doesn’t call out to you, we would really appreciate it if you looked at some of our other award-winning work.