Invest in Website Maintenance Before It’s Too Late

Your car and your website are more alike than you might think. You depend on your car to get you to where you need to go. You depend on your website to communicate to your customers, act as a sales channel, and more. Preventative maintenance can prevent your car from breaking, and the same is true for your website.

Your website requires preventative care to keep your customers informed,

your operations smooth, and your conversions strong.


My Website Isn’t That Fragile, Is It?

Unfortunately, yeah, it kind of is. Websites can break and degrade over time just like cars can.

When we say that neglecting site maintenance can break your site, what do we mean exactly?

Under ideal circumstances and at your site’s peak health, two aspects to your site will conform to your exact preferences: design & functionality.

When you let your car’s interior become dusty and gross, does anyone want to ride with you?

When you avoid washing your car for months on end, do you enjoy looking at it?

Washing your car might not prevent it from breaking, but it definitely enhances your car’s aesthetic value. The design of your website, too, can become stagnant. Refreshing the imagery on your site during scheduled website maintenance will keep your site current and attractive.

When you or your hired team fail to maintain your website properly, do the design elements on your website look good after they break? Any unexpected change in the design of your site can compromise customer-trust in your brand, and it can make you and your site look unprofessional.



We at D4 Advanced Media recognize the

value of your brand’s image, and our

web maintenance services can help keep your site certified fresh.


The second major benefit to proper site maintenance is optimal functionality. Your customers rely on your site for a variety of products and services. When your website loses functionality, your customers can lose the following benefits.

  • Prospective customers may not be able to fill out your blog, newsletter, or other sign-up form.
  • Prospective or current customers may not be able to purchase your products when site functionality is unavailable.
  • One of the worst scenarios that can happen when your website breaks is that your site’s security can fail.
    • A failure in security can lead to data breaches. In other words, bad actors can access your customers’ personal information for nefarious purposes such as identity theft or other fraudulent activity.
    • A failure in security can also allow hackers to infect your site with viruses, spam, or other malware.
    • Once your site has been rendered vulnerable due to improper website maintenance, malware can bleed from your work computer on a shared server to your personal computer.

Safeguard Your Site with a D4 Website Maintenance Plan

Neglecting your car’s maintenance schedule can turn a minor problem into a severe repair. If you get the oil changed on your car at regular intervals, doesn’t it run better? The same is true for your website. Installing updates to your site as they become available ensures that your website stays high-functioning.

Just as components get worn out in your car, aspects to your website get worn out and require replacement, optimization, and add-ons.

How do you know when the components on your car have become worn out and need to be replaced? You do so by taking your car to a trusted mechanic or service center. How does the mechanic know when a component needs to be replaced? He or she gains that knowledge through study and practice.

As a mechanic’s knowledge and skill increases, so does the mechanic’s ability to exercise discretion to know when a problem will resolve itself and when the problem requires immediate attention.

Website maintenance, too, requires time to gather the knowledge to know when a problem might resolve itself or when professional intervention is required.

D4 Advanced Media gained the necessary knowledge to properly maintain websites over the last 15 years.

The knowledge is out there, but do you really have the time to acquire it?

Instead of improvising quick fixes to your site when you see small failures in design or functionality, allow D4 Advanced Media to care for your site with an outstanding maintenance plan.

We offer these services:

  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Installation of Updates Upon Release
  • Malware Scanning
  • Form Submission Testing
  • Hacking Restoration
  • Functionality Updating
  • Cross Browser Compatibility Testing
  • Mobile Compatibility Testing
  • Design Updating
  • Website Training
  • Minor Site Edits and Changes

D4 Advanced Media will keep your site in optimal condition for as low as $165 per month. The exact plan you need will be based on the complexity of your site and what features it offers your customers.

Investing in site maintenance services upfront will help you avoid getting your site hacked and the corresponding outrageous damage-mitigation costs.

Contact us, and we’ll develop a custom maintenance and security plan that best suits you and your site’s needs.