D4 TrendSpotter: Engage Your Audience

Here at D4 we don’t just design beautiful websites, we also offer a wide range of marketing services including content strategies and implementation, and a major trend we have seen working for big brands? Engaging content that reaches your audience in a meaningful way. Many of the big brands have started creating content that purposefully engages their audience. The goal of engaging content is to gain a loyal audience who loves your brand, and isn’t just going to make 1 purchase 1 time. This audience can be very valuable not just in terms of having a longer lifecycle, you can also use this audience for your market research and testing. Once you transition from talking at your audience to talking with your audience, you have won the branding game! One example of a major brand winning the audience engagement game: NIKE https://youtu.be/VEX7KhIA3bU With almost 27,000,000 likes on their facebook, videos with over 30,000,000 views, likes upwards of 14,000 and shares over 2,500, Nike is one of the most engaging brands on social media today. They have almost completely switched their marketing focus on creating powerful, engaging content that people will love, share, comment on and feel moved by. Nike is no longer just a brand of shoe, it is a lifestyle. Creating this engaging content takes a lot of research and time, but once you figure out the right recipe for your business and your specific audience, you can become a thought leader in your industry and have the greatest share of mind with your current and potential customers. If you think an engaging content strategy could be right for your business, contact us today!