3 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Social Media

Why would I use social media for my business? Is my audience even on social media? Doesn’t social media take a long time? We get these questions and more all the time. Social media may seem like a buzz topic, or you may think only younger generations use it, but both of those assumptions would be wrong! People want more and more to have human interaction with businesses and brands, people meaning all ages, sexes, races and religions. Social media is here to stay, and everyone from your little niece to your grandpa uses it. In case that is not reason enough, below are three more reasons why your business should be on social media:

  1. Your Audience Shares on Social Media– Your current and potentially future customers are talking on social media platforms. A lot. Don’t you want to be part of that conversation? Different social platforms have different demographics, but I guarantee your audience is on at least one of them!
  2. Build Your Online Presence– The more content you publish on more online platforms, the more your online credibility increases. For example, if you are a company selling organic juices, you should be blogging, tweeting, posting and Instagramming things like recipes, the importance of being organic, where your ingredients are sourced, etc. The more you create and post content about terms related to organic juice, the more of a credible source you are in the eyes of the internet and the higher you rank when potential customers are googling “organic juice.”
  3. Drive Your Brand’s Conversation– Be the one to drive the conversation about your company with the people you want to reach. In our organic juice example, this means talking to people who are interested in healthy foods and nutrition, cheering on their progress, sharing how much you know and giving them tips. Let them know there are people behind the logo who care about them.

Have we changed your mind? Have we made you see the hypothetical social media light? If you need help with your social media plans and efforts, contact us and let us help you craft and execute your social media strategy.