D4 Trendspotter: Personalization In Your Marketing

In the ever changing world we live in, we make sure we constantly have our finger on the digital marketing pulse. The latest trend we have seen? Personalization. How many of us are sick of bulk emails, junk mail, calls, texts, and chat pop-ups? We have been so inundated with mass marketing that we have become numb to it, and in some cases it even puts us off a brand, product or service. I know that personally, if I get one more phone call from a certain cable company, I might go crazy. People want to have conversations with people, not be talked at by robots. How does this translate to digital marketing? Give people the content they want, where they want it, how they want it. People don’t want to be sold to anymore, so don’t sell! Create meaningful content and communications that matter. Email Marketing: Knowing when to send out personalized (or personalized looking) emails is important. In some cases, like a sale or a new product, an e-blast is still OK. But there are always key touch points where you should be connecting with that customer on a more personal level. Did they just receive their brand new sweater from your e-commerce store? Ask them what they think of the sweater, and you! Look for ways to improve and don’t try to sell anything at this point. Just learn from you customers. Social Media: Do not, I repeat DO NOT just blast out sales on your social media accounts. Social media is an amazing tool in the sense that it gives your customers a place to talk to your brand as a person. Give them the person! Think about your brand and your brand’s personality. Is it funny? informative? formal? sarcastic? does it have wanderlust? or maybe it’s all about supporting the local community? Whatever your brand personality is, let that shine through in your social media. Answer customers’ comments, respond to messages, and show that you share your target audience’s interests. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Content written for google’s bots is not useful to humans, and guess what, google knows it! Google is getting better and better at discerning what is real content for human consumption and what isn’t. Write about what you know, write about things relating to your brand, and write in a voice that conveys your brand personality to your customers. There are so many ways to personalize your approach! If you need help coming up with a strategy, finding your brand’s personality or figuring out what exactly to do with all of this, call us! We would love to help you out. This is where we excel,  where we can add the most real value to your brand so that you have a solid foundation to drive real results!