SEO- What Does It All Mean?

seo-humor1Anyone who has owned a business or been in a senior marketing role has had those calls…

Hello, I’d like to talk to your about SEO. We will put you company on a bajillion directories and guarantee you will be on the first page of google!

Just listing your company on directories, unfortunately, is not a real solution (but wouldn’t it be nice if things were that easy?). If you truly want to show up on the first page of search engines for words relevant to your business, drive traffic to your website and target the right people, you will need much more than some listings on who knows what directories. Here is why we have a better solution:

  1. Fundamentals of Marketing: Strategy is KEY Real solutions require an in-depth content strategy that takes into account your competitors, location and target audience. Just listing your company in multiple directories, though it may temporarily help SEO, will not help your brand.
  2. An Ongoing Solution Requires Ongoing Maintenance Solutions posed by companies like the one above may work, but only for a day or two.  After crafting the strategy, it is time for the real work! Developing valuable content that your audience actually wants to read while also writing for search engines is an atrful balance that we have perfected.
  3. Measuring Results & Tweaking Campaigns = Success At D4, we measure results every month. We perform in-depth reporting so that we can see what worked and what didn’t. From this data, we tweak your content here and there and ensure that each month we learn a bit more, grow a bit more, and perform even better than the month before.

So when you decide you want to take your company to the next level, show up on the first page of search results and drive more relevant traffic to your website, give us a call! Our SEO experts will plan and execute your campaign flawlessly, simultaneously moving your company up the search rankings and building brand equity.