D4AM Upgraded Its Server Infrastructure!

We’re proud to report that we upgraded our D4 Advanced Media server infrastructure by using superior hardware. In this article we discuss what server infrastructure is and how we’re using our upgrades to do better work for our clients.

What Is Server Infrastructure? 

server infrastructure

It’s the glue that holds every digital presence together. It includes physical and virtual resources such as hardware, software, network resources and the corresponding services. These pieces work together to provide information storage, processing, flow and analysis.

Servers are either centralized within a data center or decentralized among multiple data centers. Some organizations control their own infrastructure and others use cloud-based providers.

How Did We Upgrade Our Gear and How Do Our Clients Benefit?

Our upgrades include a switch from traditional hard drives (data reading and writing via rotating magnetic disks) to SSD’s (solid-state drive; non-moving flash memory). SSD’s are markedly faster than traditional hard drives.

Our new server infrastructure also features upgraded CPU’s.

Our new system provides exceptional processing power for our clients. The result is lightning-fast page loading. Page loading speed is a major factor in SEO rank.

We’re also excited to announce that we are offering Bare Metal Container-based Hosting which provides unparalleled security and speed. 

If you’re interested in turbo-charging your website, reach out to our system administrator for more details.