D4AM Helps Clients Leverage Google My Business Data

Savvy businesses invest in digital marketing, and when they don’t have the know-how to do so internally, they ask for outside help. At the heart of digital marketing and search engine optimization is a strong presence on Google. Becoming more visible on Google is the fastest and surest path to increasing sales. In order to increase your visibility on Google, you need to strategically operate your Google My Business account. In this article we explain what Google My Business is, why you need it for local SEO and how D4 Advanced Media can help businesses leverage the service.

What Is Google My Business?

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According to Wikipedia, “Google My Business is an Internet-based service for business owners and operated by Google. The network launched in June 2014[1] as a way of giving business owners more control of what shows in the search results when someone searches a given business name. Google allows business owners to verify their own business data via creating a new profile or claiming an existing auto-generated profile.[2] The Google My Business listing appears in the Google Maps section of Google as well as the “Local Pack” for qualifying search queries.”

Business profiles within Google My Business allow business owners and the agencies that represent them to change open hours, the business address, phone number and photos of and relating to the business. There is no cost to create or assume stewardship of a business profile.

Brand new businesses just starting out can benefit from a free website through Google My Business. You won’t get the same functionality and features as you would with web design by D4 Advanced Media, but a bare-bones skeleton website can get you by during phase-one of your business.

Similar to Yelp, customers of a business can review it on Google My Business. The service also allows business owners to respond to the reviews.

Google My Business allows business owners to keep current and prospective customers up to date with posts on: What’s New, Events, Product and Offer. These posts are handy to talk about announcements and sales. They also allow the business owner to include descriptions, photos, videos, links and calls to action. Note that these posts temporarily show up in SERP and expire after fixed periods.

Why is Google My Business Important for Local SEO?

Google My Business can aid local SEO efforts in a variety of ways. For one, business owners can update their business hours for holidays, natural disasters and the like. Making sure customers can reach a business is always important.

Business owners can upload enticing photos to showcase new products, remodeled facilities and more. Photos and videos can be used to generate interest, leads and sales. Photos and videos can easily help business owners showcase their competitive advantages.

The ability to open two-way communication between the business owner and customers is a great opportunity to acknowledge positive feedback and to address critical feedback. This system can help business owners shore up weak aspects to their business and to fortify strong aspects. A little correspondence can really do wonders for inspiring brand loyalty.

The Q&A feature of Google My Business allows customers to pose questions to the business owner and for the business owner to answer them. Business owners can also pin frequently asked questions to the profile. This can be a major time saver and a great supplement to a business’ internal FAQ.

How Can D4AM Help Clients Leverage Google My Business Data?

Keyword and traffic reporting and analysis, regular creative content creation and content marketing are all critical to your search engine optimization efforts.

One of the ways that we help clients better understand how they’re competing in the local market is to help them better understand how their customers engage with Google My Business.

We can pull data that explains how customers are interacting with our clients’ business profiles on Google My Business. We can shed light on how customers found our client’s business, where they are coming from and more.

Specific metrics include:

  • Website visits – The number of times a customer viewed your website.
  • Direction requests – The number of times a customer requested directions to your business.
  • Calls – The number of times a customer called your business (through the link in the business profile).
  • Arrival method through Google Search or Google Maps.
  • Breakdown of direct searches versus discovery searches. Direct searches include customers who find your listing searching for your business name or address. Discovery searches include customers who find your listings searching for a category, product or service.
  • Breakdown ofwhen customers call you by day and by hour.

We can even compare current data against historic data to help you track your progress.

Not only can we pull insights from the data, but we can also manage your Google My Business account. If you hire D4AM to manage your business profile on Google My Business, it will allow you to spend more time exploring leads and securing sales. Our team of internet marketing professionals are eager to keep your business profile fresh and up to date.

This type of work is especially important for local service providers such as independent auto shops, home inspectors, doctors, dentists, locksmiths, restaurants, attorneys and similar businesses.

Whether you and your team are just starting out, or you’re looking for help in elevating your already successful brand, we would be honored to quote your project.

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