When It Gets Difficult to Spot Digital Threats, It’s Time to Upgrade Website Security

Anyone else catch John Oliver’s recent special on Robocalls? In the special Oliver details the ease at which bad actors can leverage technology to manipulate businesses and members of the public. 

The broadcast cited one interview in which the guest was able to disguise his phone number as the phone number of the interviewer. The guest then called the interviewer’s mother. The mother’s caller ID registered the call as coming from her son, but it was not. The guest then quickly persuaded the mother that he was was her son, and he needed her social security number. The ploy was a success in less than two minutes.

The same broadcast predicted that in 2019 nearly half of all mobile calls will be scams.

As we at D4 work on web design, digital marketing, website redesigns, SEO, website maintenance and website security, we see more and more businesses fall victim to exploitation through technology.

We recently covered phishing scams and scams directed at seniors. The takeaway is that bad actors, hackers and the like are getting increasingly skilled at attacking and deceiving innocent people.

How Are Savvy Business Owners Protecting Their Digital Assets?

Two words: website maintenance.

It’s no biggy when you don’t install WordPress updates, right?

It can actually cost you a lot of time, major headaches and a pretty penny when you don’t invest in website maintenance and security. Speedy updates to WordPress is just one of the many things we do for our website maintenance clients.

website security

Our website maintenance retainers will help you avoid getting your site hacked and the corresponding outrageous, damage-mitigation costs.

Our maintenance packages include:

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Installation of updates upon release
  • Malware scanning
  • Form-submission testing
  • Hacking restoration
  • Functionality updates
  • Cross-Browser compatibility testing
  • Mobile compatibility testing
  • Design updates
  • Website training
  • Minor site edits and changes

Also know that we design websites of all types for businesses in a myriad of industries.

If you have a preexisting website that seems to always be acting up, we can help there, too, with optimization, troubleshooting, update installation and more.

If your preexisting website seems a little dated and you’d like to meet with design experts to modernize the look and functionality of your site, we would be honored to quote your project.

Give us a call at 775-636-9986, and tell us what you need. We’ve got you covered. Contact D4 Advanced Media