Designing websites for seniors

trpThe internet landscape is full of all kinds of people and while older generations are considered late adopters of technology, internet use is on the rise in younger seniors. In fact, many seniors under the age of 75 are adopting internet usage faster than the general population, and once they begin using it, the internet quickly becomes an integral part of their lives. This means that if you have a business that targets seniors, it may be a good idea to know how to get them information as easily as possible. Below are a few tips to design websites for older website users. Larger text and greater contrast Seniors prefer to read larger text when browsing websites. If you are building a website for services relating to seniors, make sure the text is large and that the contrast is comfortable but apparent enough to be read easily. Your logo design should also be easy to recognize and follow the same contrast rules. Distraction-free pages Movement and bright colors can be a distraction to older users. Avoid adding flashing or moving elements to your website. Wording can also be a distraction. Avoid unnecessary technical jargon to insure the information is communicated clearly. Sufficient time for transactions Seniors tend to take more time to consider a purchase when finalizing transactions online. Ensure that if you use a time out system that it allows ample time for users to finish what they are doing. This is especially important for e-commerce sites. Older browsers or operating systems Many older users are using older systems. As such, it is important to minimize the amount of elements that need newer software or browsers to run. If you have an older OS and browser available, test the site to make sure it runs smoothly. Need help designing your website to reach your target audience? Let us help contact D4 today for a free quote.