Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Are People Not Finding Your Site?

You found us, didn’t you? Let D4 help increase your search engine rankings, build brand awareness and increase visibility. We’ll develop a digital marketing strategy and campaign that will position your business as an authority in the eyes of consumers.

Define Target Audience

icon-pieWe’ll help you identify your market with psychographic, demographic, and geological analysis. Making the lines of your ideal customer more defined and evaluating what solution you have to provide to them. Solidifying the interests and goals of your target market will allow you to approach them more effectively.

Understand How People Are Using Your Site

icon-speechTo convert users to leads/sales, you must first understand how they engage with your site. Using web analytics tools, we’ll give you key insights to drive the evolution of your user experience and interaction on digital platforms. D4 will help you properly configure these tools, interpret the information generated, and gain recommendations for website optimization.

Know Your Competition

icon-credDigital competitors are often different from industry competitors, based on the industry. A website that ranks above yours for keywords you want to target is a Digital Competitor. D4 will help you identify your digital competitors and evaluate their digital marketing strategies for weaknesses and opportunities.  Get an in-depth view of your competitor’s traffic, search terms, and digital advertising trends and make educated strategic marketing decisions.

Gain Search Term Knowledge

discoverOften, companies create their content without their consumers’ behavior in mind. Making sure that your site can be found by your target consumer requires optimizing content to align with solution relevant keywords. D4 will provide you with custom keywords that have the highest search volume and the lowest competition, revealing the top listings for each and how they got to the top. Create content that leads to conversions, increases traffic, and conveys your company’s value.

Choose Your Tactics

Knowledge is good, but it is better when combined with action. Once the target market and strategic approach are identified, D4 will help you find the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that align with your goals. Each KPI will be given digital marketing tactics, such as website design, content marketing, social marketing, etc.

Have A Plan of Execution

D4 will deliver a digital marketing strategy document detailing all marketing research and recommendations. Receive an online campaign guidebook that will help your company dominate organically. Recommended tactics by D4 will include inclusive analysis of channels and methods of execution.

Make Us Your Digital Marketing Army

We help start-ups, mid-level businesses, and non-profit organizations discover and implement web solutions to improve operations, cut costs and save time. Utilize D4 to implement your new marketing strategy. We are experts in digital marketing and will help you reach your business objectives.

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