2 Steps to Dominate in Reno SEO Ranking

We understand how hard it can be to make your website first-page quality in the Reno SEO ranking arena. Here are some quick steps that will help Google recognize your site and increase your traffic/ranking:

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Keyword Research

Identifying the high-volume, low-competition search terms that are relevant to your website’s offerings.

There are many free online resources that can be used to look up search volume for key terms that you are hoping to target. Many users utilize particular terminology when searching for something, through a form of subconscious group-consensus, which often leads to 1 or 2 high search volume words with very particular phasing. For example, when searching for offerings in a particular location, users often include the name of the city before or after what they are looking for ( locksmith reno, reno BMW mechanic, reno bagels, reno seo, etc). Doing keyword research first helps to solidify the words users (actively looking for your offerings) are searching for. Knowing your most important search terms means you don’t spend time and money optimizing for obscure, rarely used search words that will not result in conversions.

Content Optimization

reno-seoCreating or reorganizing content to display your website’s most important keywords.

Making your content legible is the main goal, followed closely by making it searchable. Google and other search engines have gotten better over the years at identifying click-bate content, which is basically the chosen keyword repeated over and over again with a little nonsense thrown in for good measure. Now, in order to rank for a particular search term, content needs to be human first and robot.txt second. However, an effort can still be put into organizing content for easy reading that appeals to both types of users (real or programmable). Featuring the important search term in the title tag, meta-description, alt-text, and internal/external links always helps with ranking. But, time should also be spent on dividing the user flow of your site around the key search terms you would like to target. For example, D4 Advanced Media provides reno web design, graphic design, and reno seo services. If you look at our homepage, we have divided our content around these individual buckets of content.  Funneling users ( biological and binary) through your website around important search queries is the key to being highly indexed and trafficked.

Being visible online is a process that many companies either take control of or balk at. But, doing a little research and optimization could make a serious difference in your quantity and quality of traffic. If you ever need help with your Reno SEO efforts, feel free to call D4 at 775-636-9986 for some expert advice.