How Blogging Can Benefit Your Social Media Strategy

Most companies have some kind of social media presence. At the very least, most have a LinkedIn page. But what some companies lack is consistency, fresh content, and audience engagement. Social media is only as beneficial as the content being posted on it, so why not optimize content for maximum exposure?

Incorporating a blog into your company’s website will not only increase on-page SEO (search engine optimization); it can also generate traffic to your social media profiles and even back to your website. This “full-circle effect,” as we like to call it, is a direct result of pushing blog posts to social media. So, why exactly does this work? It’s simple:

Content is King

Many companies rarely create their own content. Instead, they harbor articles from third-party websites that, in some way, relate to the products or services they offer. These articles are then posted on social media with attention-grabbing descriptions. While this strategy can spark an interest within the consumer, it is not a completely effective strategy.

A good social media strategy utilizes outside articles as well as content that is written in-house. In other words: both secondary AND primary content. Without posting fresh, trending content on social media, your online presence might be portrayed as robotic or automated. Your audience probably won’t like it.

At D4 Advanced Media, we like to encourage our clients to adopt an SEO strategy that includes a blogging campaign. Through keyword and traffic research, we carefully put together blog articles that will rank on search engines. For a more in-depth look at this, see here.

With new optimized blog posts being added to your website consistently, your online presence becomes even more known.

Now, factor in social media. When you include links to these blog posts on your social media, your online authority becomes clear. Your social media posts might even rank in search engines! Because people are seeing these posts, traffic can easily flow back to your website.


Your Audience is Human

People know people, and they know how people speak. As we mentioned before, automated social media posts seem very robotic. Other than keeping your social media pages updated, these kinds of posts are proven to not be very engaging.

Promoting your website’s blog posts semi-frequently is sure to generate an interest. People also like sharing their opinions, and social media lets them exercise this.

Blog posts can be great conversation starters. What better way to generate a buzz around a topic than to open up a discussion?


If your company’s website does not currently make use of a blog, don’t fret! Give D4 a call, and we will get you set up for a free consultation to further discuss the benefits of content marketing. Our passion for all things digital marketing coupled with our 100 combined years of experience make us experts when it comes to getting your brand out there.