Relaunch of GDA Reno Website

Examples of the After some extensive work that John and Merritt had put into a new project for Geothermal Development Associates (GDA), we are quite proud of the latest D4 project roll out. The models they worked on are state of the art to the geothermal industry. For free, GDA allows consumers to go to their website and input data and calculate the energy out put. Technically speaking, the user enters in the data, it is sent through the server and past through various formats, calculated on the server through a program that GDA created, This is then sent back to the user as substantial data quickly and easily. There are four different models meant for different systems. With all this great technology, we beefed up their website with a new homepage design, interactive image rotation, and bucket areas to clearly highlight some of the features of the website. Go check out the new! GDA Reno Website Redesign