Reno Web Design Grabs Google’s Attention

Moment Skis website screenshot
Screenshot of the Moment Skis website on 09-21-18.

When you combine award-winning website development with award-winning skis – you get noticed. In this case, it was Google that took notice. They developed a promotional video detailing how their products, coupled with a finely tuned website, helped a couple ski-makers turn their small, local business into one of the most forward-thinking ski manufacturers in the United States.

After Google read about the incredible success story behind Moment Skis, they asked if they could tour the ski factory and learn more about what sets Moment apart from competitors.

Before too long, a film crew arrived at Moment’s factory on Marietta Way in Sparks, NV. The film crew sought to capture the origin story of Moment, the hard work that goes into their products, and what role Moment’s website and Google played in their success.

Selling Skis Year-Round Requires a Strong Website

In June 2018, Moment Skis hired D4 Advanced Media to help them refine their website design. D4 completed their website buildout, custom features, and refined some of the design elements on their site.

Casey Hakansson, Moment’s founder, and Luke Jacobson, Moment’s CEO, had a clear vision on how to grow their company from a two-man show to the biggest ski manufacturer in the United States.

D4 enjoyed every minute of the website design process as we strived to deliver a site for Moment that appealed to their target audience, strengthened their messaging, and generated exposure for their brand.

How Can D4 Strengthen a Website?

Custom skis from Moment Skis
Custom skis with graphics by D4 and craftsmanship by Moment Skis.

D4 Advanced Media knows that different companies and websites have different goals and purposes. Some sites look to inform and educate, while others need exceptional e-commerce functionality. Following are just some of the ways that we helped Moment achieve some goals for their site and company.

  • For the buildout of the Moment’s website, we focused on cleaning up the code, and on removing duplicate styles to allow for a faster website that can easily be updated.
  • We integrated SCSS variables and mix-ins to help streamline future updates.
  • We performed mobile optimization on the site to ensure that it remained responsive across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
  • We enhanced user experience by altering the hamburger menu’s functionality and behavior.
  • We wrote custom code using Javascript, Liquid, HTML, and CSS for Moment’s “Binding Bundler” feature.
  • We refined the product-option buttons and integrated them with the Binding Bundler and the Back-in-Stock app.
  • After the initial web design, we later refined the homepage, the cart page, the single product page, and the product listing page. We worked to enhance the aesthetics of these pages as well as their functionality.
  • We refined Moment’s email template and helped create some of the cool imagery users find on their site.
  • After round one of our custom-app designs, Moment called on us to boost the functionality and look of their LiveChat and Back-in-Stock apps.

Recipes for Killer Skis and Unprecedented Growth

Some people might think that ski-makers spend all their time enjoying a life that is ‘like totally chill’. In reality, Hakansson, Jacobson, and their 12 in-house employees put in long hours doing blue-collar work. Ski design and assembly require staggering amounts of elbow grease and discipline.

Further, contributing to the advancement of ski technology is no simple task. The crew at Moment Skis took on the world’s largest ski producers, because they sought a better product that didn’t yet exist. “What we were looking for was change,” said Hakansson. “A new design. A fatter pair of skis. A super square tip,” followed Jacobson.

Building a successful ski empire requires more than just snow and good intentions. Knowing that the ski season in northern Nevada is limited, Hakansson and Jacobson endeavored to sell their skis world-wide. After all, it’s always snowing somewhere, right? The crew capitalized on that idea by seeking to build a website that could handle the rigorous demands of e-commerce in today’s tech-driven world.

Jacobson described Moment’s presence in the digital sphere best when he said the following.

75% of Moment’s business comes from our website. And over half of that comes from Google. When you’re learning as a small business, you need to understand what’s happening with the customer. And with Analytics, we get to look at where people are coming from, what they’re looking at on the site, and make sure the business is getting that sale.

Reno web design is D4’s specialty, but we also offer marketing strategies, SEO, graphic design, print design, website maintenance, and more. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll get to work!

Watch Luke and Casey do Nevada proud in the Grow with Google video below.

Are you Grow with Google’s next success story?