When Effective Branding Meets Mouthwatering BBQ

When you combine award-winning website design, print design, and logo design with mouthwatering BBQ – you get noticed. In this case, it was edible Reno-Tahoe that took notice. They published an article in their most recent issue that details how the Ferencik’s of Butcher’s Kitchen Char-B-Que got their start.

After edible Reno-Tahoe learned about the incredible family operation behind Butcher’s Kitchen, they asked if they could interview Ed Ferencik to find out more about what set’s his family’s BBQ apart.

Read the full article about Ed’s origins here. Catch one of Ed’s scrumptious recipes in this other article by edible Reno-Tahoe.

Award-Winning Reno BBQ Requires Award-Winning Reno Web Design

D4 launched the website for Butcher’s Kitchen Char-B-Que, a family-owned BBQ restaurant in south Reno. Using beautiful, high-resolution photos, we created a website design that uses parallax scrolling to tell their story.

Inside the menu system, we designed elements that would look similar to a traditional hanging menu. Char-B-Que’s website design is mobile responsive because our research indicated that many people tend to use mobile devices when looking for the right place to eat.

Snapshot of the Butchers Kitchen Char-B-Que site.
Snapshot of the Butchers Kitchen Char-B-Que site by D4 Advanced Media.

Butcher’s Kitchen also provides professional-grade tools for the home kitchen and aspires to be your corner butcher by providing advice on cuts of meat, cooking methods and suggestions for fresh ideas.

At the beginning of June 2018, D4 Advanced Media designed and developed a new website that allowed Ed to spread the word about his easy-to-use meat-tenderizing devices as well as a home for his unparalleled butcher advice. After the initial meeting, it became clear that the website had to capture Ed’s robust passion for artisan butchering. The final website promotes Ed’s products, and it is also the home to valuable information and advice for the cooking enthusiast.

This website features multiple custom-designed features including:

  • eCommerce functionality
  • Product pages that feature a “fade-in” effect
  • YouTube videos that can be used as thumbnails in Ed’s blog posts
  • A minimalist theme with subtly textured backgrounds
  • Responsive design compatible with mobile, tablet and desktop formats

Snapshot of the Butchers Kitchen site.
Snapshot of the Butchers Kitchen site by D4 Advanced Media.


D4AM Offers Logo Design & Branding Services

Butchers Kitchen Logo
Butchers Kitchen Logo by D4 Advanced Media.

D4 Advanced Media knows that different companies have different goals and purposes. Some companies need to inform and educate, while others need distinct and attractive imagery and messaging. Following are just some of the ways that we helped Butcher’s Kitchen Char-B-Cue achieve its design goals.

D4 completed a logo design and brand strategy for Butchers Kitchen Char-B-Que. The intent for this website was to create a brand that emphasized the artisan element of preparing meat the ‘old-fashioned’ and traditional way.

Two variations were chosen for the primary logo design and the design elements used simple, bold colors. The logo itself uses emblems that are synonymous with the good ol’ days of butchery when nutrition met craft.

Print Design & Graphic Design to Make a Restaurant Shine

The Butcher’s Kitchen Dine-in / Take-out menu was a fun project, as we had already designed most of their digital assets. Ed requested a design-size that could be portable, so that anyone can take it home and hang it on their fridge. He also wanted a comfortable size to hold in your hand in the restaurant. D4 Advanced Media delivers custom-designed solutions for every project goal.

Butcher’s Kitchen Dine-in / Take-out menu.
Butcher’s Kitchen Dine-in / Take-out menu by D4 Advanced Media.

D4 decided to steer away from the typical trifold menu design, because folds cost more and don’t look as great when laminated. We ultimately recommended the postcard-size depicted above. The post-card size can be effectively laminated, and it also offers a crisp, clean aesthetic.

We relish the opportunity to complete menu designs for restaurants and poster designs for companies such as the Nevada Association of Employers.

These projects challenge our creativity, and we thrive on a good challenge!

Reno web design is D4’s specialty, but we also offer marketing strategies, SEO, graphic design, print design, website maintenance, and more. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll get to work!