Roller Kingdom Video Advertisement – Thoughts?

Reno’s infamous Roller Kingdom skating rink is about to get some attention, but is it the attention Roller Kingdom was looking for? The recent YouTube video done by Rhett & Link called “Say NO to Crack, Say YES! to Roller Skating,” is funny, no doubt. But is the message it is sending good for business? Roller Kingdom is a great place; nice, well kept, clean and don’t forget- killer roller skating. I’ve been to social events and birthday parties at Roller Kingdom over the years and it’s been a hit. There is something about throwing on roller skates, getting on the floor, and cruising in circle to throwback music – classic, retro, fun. I would highly recommend it. So why would Roller Kingdom portray themselves this way? Is it really funny to create a video portraying this to parents? Maybe I’m taking this too seriously, but why would the owner of Roller Kingdom portray himself as a child molester trying to encourage a young child into his van for some candy? The Saturday Night live style humor, I understand, but something is creepy seeing the Roller Kingdom business owner (who is with children all day) filling this role. A parents worst nightmare! It is clearly a joke, but is this really the message Roller Kingdom wants to send parents? Kids hanging around Roller Kingdom are likely getting harrased by drug dealers, street gangs perhaps even child molesters. Why feed the stereotype?