The Importance of Logo Design & Development

You logo is the visual adaptation of your company. It sets the stage for everything you customer is about to experience. Modern, vintage, colorful, bold, graphic, all of the elements of your logo convey a feeling to your current and potential customers. It is one of the most important elements of your brand, so make sure you work with a company who understands branding and can help illustrate your brand with a great logo design. Here are some examples of how we have helped Northern Nevada and California companies with their logo designs in the past.

#1: Butcher’s Kitchen, Char-B-Que

The intent for them was to create a brand that emphasized the artisan element of preparing meat the ‘old-fashioned’ and traditional way. Two variations were chosen for the primary logo design and the design elements use simple, bold colors. The logo itself utilizes emblems that are synonymous with old-school butcher cooking.

#2: Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School

Combing academic elements such science, computers reading and art, D4 created a unique and timeless logo for the Sierra Nevada Academy charter school as shown above. The bold lines and simple imagery convey what the school has to offer clearly – but in playful way.

#3: Nash’s Kombucha

They believe in ingredients with a purpose, so the design that we came up with reflected this. The name “Nash” means ‘beneath the ash tree’. White ash is actually a “soft hardwood”. Which means, in the realm of hardwoods, it leans toward the soft side, much like the mild flavor of Nash’s Kombucha flavoring. The shape of the seal is actually a melding of the “Mandala-like” peaks at the top and bottom as a traditional element. But, the flat design and the center of the logo go along with the modern, naturalistic movement of the type of people likely to buy this kind of kombucha. Logo design should not be taken lightly, you are trusting your brand to someone else and you want to make sure you are being represented accurately. We can do a complete brand audit, or take your pre-existing data and make it sing. If you are opening a new business in Reno or Northern Nevada and need a logo that will represent you brand, contact us today. Let’s set up a free consultation and go over what your branding and logo design needs and options are.