Web Design: More Than Just A Pretty Face

vision-2372177_640There are plenty of web designers in Reno who can  make you a pretty website, but can they make you a website that works? A pretty website is not always an effective website, it takes a team to marry pretty and effective. Our expert graphic designers will craft a beautiful piece of art that will showcase your brand, and our strategists and content writers will ensure that you are getting the traffic you need that will give you your return on investment. A big part of a website’s effectiveness is its content. Many times, companies are so focused on the design that they often forget to look at the content. We go through your content with a fine tooth comb and make recommendations that will help your website be more effective. These recommendations are around 3 guiding principles.


#1: Is it necessary?

The main pages of your website should all have a purpose. Let’s use an example. Let’s say you own a business that specializes in cupcakes, so most of your content is about cupcakes, recipes, decorating, etc. Then you go on a trip to Morocco, and it was amazing! You can’t stop talking about the culture, the sights, the smells. You write a whole page about Morocco and put it as a feature on your home page. In this case, we would gently suggest reworking this content. Can you talk about a recipe that incorporates Moroccan spices? Or Moroccan colors you liked that work for icing? If so, awesome! If not, the content is not helping you or your website, it is just confusing your users.


#2: Is it organized the right way?

Do you have your content organized in a way that people can logically guide themselves through? Are your products together? Are they organized by brand or collection or type? Sometimes you have to step back and take an audit of everything you have on your website. Then, group it in logical buckets. Once you have everything organized, figure out what can be merged, consolidated or separated out to make sure that everything is relevant, to the point and organized.


#3: Does it contain relevant keywords?

This is a big one for us, because what’s the point of having a website if nobody can find it? We comb through your content and make sure that there are relevant, keywords throughout. To go back to the first example of a cupcake shop, you want to make sure that you show up on Google when people are searching for cupcakes. How do you do this? By making sure words that people are searching for are in your content, and your content is updated on a regular basis. “Best cupcakes in Reno,” “artisan cupcakes,” “cupcake shop open now.” By having good, keyword rich content, you will be ahead of the competition. When it comes to your web presence, you want to make sure you are getting the return you need. Invest in a company that will show you results. D4 has the know-how and the experience to ensure your website is not just beautifully designed, but it really works for you and your business goals. Build a better website, get results, and start making your web presence work for you by contacting D4 and setting up a free consultation. Let’s work together to build your business!