Website Design For Restaurants

char b que responsive website displayed on laptopDesigning a website for a restaurant requires a very particular set of design skills. You need to capture the essence of the restaurant, make the menu easy to find and read, and most importantly, make people hungry! Let’s use a website we have recently launched for a local restaurant, Butcher’s Kitchen Char-B-Que.

Imagery is so important when setting a tone and making those mouths water. Big, bright imagery makes all the difference. A large image right off the bat that shows the theme of the restaurant is key. In the case of Butcher’s Kitchen, we wanted to really evoke a feeling of nostalgia and show that this is not just a barbecue place, but a real bonafide butcher’s barbecue place. Now how about images of the food? Butcher’s Kitchen does an incredible job at keeping up their Instagram of showing their food and making us all hungry. Because of this, we decided to use their Instagram as a visual aspect on their website by creating a feed for those tasty images.

Another important factor? Make the menu easy to find! When most people go to a restaurant’s website they are looking for the menu. Having an easy to find, easy to read menu is the best way to help convert customers. On the Butcher’s Kitchen website, we had some fun playing with the hanging style menu that many butcher shops have. It is a fun, unique way of showing the menu items that reinforces the old-school butcher shop feeling.

Another aspect of restaurant websites that we find very effective is a section about the owner. Family owned and local restaurants have exploded in popularity. People like getting to know the owner, seeing why they started the restaurant, and why they chose that particular type of food and place.

These 3 things are the key ingredients in a well designed website for a restaurant. We can craft these masterfully into a fully functioning website that can bring customers in, take orders online, or whatever else you need. Call us today for a free consultation and we will discuss how we can help your restaurant with its online presence.