Welcome to the new Sierra Nevada Real Estate website & logo

Sierra Nevada Real Estate was tired of the old look and feel of their website, they wanted a revamp. This wasn’t just a simple redesign… They wanted top of the line features!

  • Content Management system (WordPress website)
  • IDX search integrated into website for buyers
  • local rental property search form
  • Rental Property database that allowed property to be hidden once filled and the same data to be restored once it is vacant without recreating everything
  • Easy to edit rental property search, that dynamically draws on the front end in a beautiful display
  • Dynamic contact form that sends the office any contact info
  • Each property has a dynamic gallery that populates automatically with photos of the property on the front end.
  • Mobile device design emphasis
  • With all of these features and more, we worked it all to fit into their budget! (Which they felt was outstanding value to price paid)

For the logo we did for her, we worked with her to get just the right look and feel she wanted for her business. It had to be simple and appeal to women, the key market of real estate. (They told us that houses usually only get sold with the lady’s say.)

Real Estate Website - Sierra Nevada Real Estate
Logo - Sierra Nevada Real Estate