D4 Advanced Media Diversifies with Video Game Development

D4 Advanced Media has a multitude of expertise areas from internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization for businesses, producing video content, incubating new business models, research and development for new product ideas and most recently, video game development.

Earlier this year, programmer Joriel Alves developed the D4 Gunner game aimed to promote one of D4 Advanced Media’s subsidiaries D4 Guns. The concept came as a way to engage the existing customer base while also generating interest from potential new customers by using the game as a way to give away some free products including D4 Leather velar wraps, D4 Ak-47 leather wraps and D4 Gun apparel such as hats, beanies and more.

Developing the concept of the game was a collaboration of ideas from the D4 Advanced Media staff and input from gamers, which made for an enjoyable experience for both gun enthusiasts and gaming fans. The game took about a month from concept, beta testing and finished product to complete.

“The game was initially supposed to be played like the old Nintendo Duck Hunt game but it was too repetitive,” said Joriel Alves, D4 Advanced Media Programmer and creator of the D4 Gunner game. “Instead of making a longer game, multiple games were suggested during a development meeting and ultimately multiple mini-games is what ended up being the finished product.”

The reception to the game once it was released was significant as there were players logging in from around the world from the United States to France, Germany and even the Philippines.

The D4 Gunner game was yet another successful project that helped engage users and diversify the company’s capabilities and potential offerings for existing clients and those looking for our expertise.

To learn more about services offered by the D4 Advanced media team, visit d4am.com or give our team a call at 775-636-9986.

Also, don’t forget to check out the D4 Gunner Game to try and beat the high score.