D4 Advanced Media Launches the State Bar of Nevada’s Newly Redesigned Website

D4 Advanced Media completed a redesign on the Nevada State Bar’s website recently that has given a fresh look to the layout of its web presence. The redesign was time consuming and intricate with the amount of requests that was asked to be implemented by the programming staff at D4.

Over the course of a couple of months, programmers built code and cleaned up existing pages to reflect the new aesthetic the State Bar of Nevada wanted to execute. The final product was a sleek, modern layout that is fast and extremely user friendly for those visiting the website.

“At times, the work that needed to be done to build this custom website was challenging, but we thrive when it comes to difficult projects,” said Joriel Alves, web developer at D4 Advanced Media. “Our determination to execute the changes needed to the website and building the infrastructure to ensure the site’s success allowed for the successful launch of the redesign and the client and the team are both happy with the results.”

At the request of the State Bar of Nevada, part of the redesign focused on making the new site more user friendly on both desktop and mobile to enhance the user’s experience. In the previous version, navigating the site was like going through a frustrating maze that resulted in a challenging experience for visitors to the sight. The web design team was able to fix those issues through several strategies.

The static content was updated to complement the new dynamic content that was added to the site to further showcase the modern look that was requested. In comparison to the old site, loading pages took longer and responsiveness for basic actions was slow. With the new website, the user experience was significantly enhanced on both mobile and desktop by generating a refined site navigation and minimizing the time needed to load content though more efficient coding. The website was condensed by the programmers and more efficient code was utilized throughout to make for a better performing website.

Another change that was implemented was the theme. In its old iteration, the site’s color scheme and photos did not reflect Nevada’s identity. Changes had to be made to reflect both the neon lights that traverse the bigger city skylines in the Silver State and the rugged landscape that shape the rural parts of the Battle Born state as well.

This is just one of many projects taken on by the team at D4 Advanced Media these past few months and with more projects coming in as restrictions are lifted from the COVID-19 pandemic, the team is busy working on meeting deadlines for clients.

Web design is just one of the many services offered at D4 Advanced Media. From video production, search engine optimization along with research and development for new product offerings, D4 is more than a marketing agency.

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