D4 Advanced Media Produces New Website to Teach Kids About Nevada History

Programmers at D4 recently built a new website from scratch aimed at teaching kids more about Nevada’s history and other interesting facts about the Silver State. Discovernvkids.org was built at the request of the Nevada Division of Tourism, which also operates TravelNevada.com, a website that showcases things to experience throughout the Battle Born state, places to visit and a helpful travel guide for those unfamiliar to the sate who want to visit.

The website highlights historical information that will benefit children attending elementary schools and even older people who may lack knowledge about the state with the website’s interactive icons that are sprinkled throughout the page. Whether learning about Nevada’s Prehistoric history, ancient artifacts discovered in the state, legendary figures synonymous with the state like Mark Twain, how the state was founded and places of interest scattered within the state.

It also hosted a contest for kids to create their own rendition of the state flag. Multiple entries were submitted from different schools and ultimately, Elijah of Coral Academy of Science in Las Vegas was chosen as the winner of the contest. He had his drawing showcased on the website and was able to have a virtual meeting with Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak along with the rest of his classmates to be congratulated.

Bringing the website to fruition was no small feat, it required versatility, strategy and patience to execute properly. D4 programmer Joriel Alves, tackled the project on his own and was simply given a brief brochure provided by the Nevada Division of Tourism and was tasked with creating an all original website that reflected the aesthetic and styling of it at its request.

“At first, the project was a big undertaking to complete within the requested deadline, especially on my own,” Alves explained. “I knew going into it that time management on the project was crucial in order to deliver it on time and to the standards we strive to give all of our clients. However, given the obstacles and some of the roadblocks I encountered when producing the website’s final product, not only did I deliver it on time and without issues, the client was extremely pleased with the finished website and its overall feedback and engagement from its visitors.”

The team at D4 Advanced media specializes in building websites from the ground up and implementing cutting edge search engine optimization strategies to help boost clients’ web presence in search algorithms, especially for Google. Additionally, D4 can produce video content, contribute to research and development of potential products and services as well as perform maintenance to existing websites and provide consultation to streamline workflow for our clients.

D4 has a proven track record that shows our cutting edge tactics result in profitable business models through the company’s subsidiary businesses, improved productivity internally and for clients and generating additional leads.

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