Grow Your Business – Learn About Content Marketing

Content marketing is what brought us here, writing an article for those interested in this topic. Creating unique, helpful and valuable content attracts the right customers and will increase your brand’s awareness. Think about all the YouTube stars that became famous pulling pranks and videotaping it, or social media influencers earning significant advertising revenue because they take good pictures. This is all content and it attracts a large audience. Some content marketing is more obvious than others, for example, a social media influencer might capture a picture posing with an energy drink in their hand and the brand’s label is directly facing the viewer. This approach differs from a YouTube star who gained followers by making prank videos as you do not directly see any physical products. However, the YouTuber has indirectly created a brand for themselves which can be highly valuable.

what is content marketing

Digital Content Marketing

Following our examples above, digital content also includes this article we wrote. Consumers that are now young adults and grew up with a computer in their home, tend to consume their news, research and entertainment online. This group of consumers disposable income is also on the rise as they enter the workforce. The more exposure you have (articles/blogs, videos, pictures, websites, etc.) the more engaged your audience is and the better you will be able to display products and services. Not only does the amount of quality content you have matter for your consumers, it also matters to search engines like Google. If you sell red t-shirts and a consumer types into Google, “where to buy red t-shirts?” Google has millions of websites to “crawl” through to provide this consumer with valid websites selling red t-shirts. If you want to end up on that first page of Google’s search page, having good content is key. If you consider the traditional steps of a consumer’s buying cycle (1. Awareness 2. Research 3. Consideration 4. Buy) you need to have good content for your audience to hit the first two steps.

Examples of Good Content Marketing vs. Bad

 Blogging is a powerful tool when it comes to content marketing. D4 Advanced Media has a great article (Blog Format Best Practices) to help you create a quality post. It’s more complex than simply creating an article and stuffing as many keywords as you can into it.

Keyword stuffing,” is a term used when bloggers attempt to trick Google or other search engines into ranking their article higher because their keyword (e.g. “custom cigar humidors”) is listed so many times that the search engine thinks it is the most relevant to the consumer searching for that term. In reality, those articles are the most deceptive and irrelevant. Google has gotten smart about deceptive content and will poorly rank websites or pages that use keyword stuffing. Google provides a helpful example of keyword stuffing:

“We sell custom cigar humidors. Our custom cigar humidors are handmade. If you’re thinking of buying a custom cigar humidor, please contact our custom cigar humidor specialists at [email protected].”

The above example repeats the same words so often that it sounds unnatural. Blogs, articles, descriptions, web pages/sites and SEO techniques can be difficult to create. Getting your ranking up is serious business and if you want optimal results call D4 Advanced Media at 775-636-9986. We employ professional content writers and SEO specialists that create content marketing pieces on a daily basis for a multitude of clientele.