Why Do I Need an Ecommerce Website? Jumpstart Your Online Sales

how to build an e-commerce websiteThe internet has made many aspects of our lives easier and more efficient. Instead of waking up on a Sunday, getting dressed and driving to an overcrowded mall, you can now stay in bed and pull up a website with the exact same products before you’ve finished your morning coffee. The number of digital shoppers has consistently grown each year. While Amazon and eBay rule as online retailing platforms, having your own e-commerce website is an important feature for future and current customers to learn more about your products and company.


Selling Products Online

 Companies like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram have grown as a platform for businesses and individuals to sell their products or goods online. There is an advantage to having your products appear on these sites as they attract a large share of digital shoppers, and data shows that these sites are often a starting point for shoppers. However, digital shoppers are also getting more particular and savvier as to what products they ultimately choose as the internet attracts scammers. To build a solid reputation online it is important to have a website for consumers to find and read about your company. Plus, if consumers find your product elsewhere and want more or want to find additional products you sell, they can easily order through your website directly. Once you have attracted consumers to your website, an important metric you will be able to track is your consumer’s buying habits. This helps determine which products to continue and discontinue and helps to build long-lasting relationships.


Starting an Online Business. Let us Build You an Ecommerce Website

 There are website builders that have “drag and drop” features making it easy for aspiring and current business owners to build a website themselves. However, once you get into creating an e-commerce section for your site, there are additional problems to consider. To order a product online, consumers enter personal information and are putting trust into your company to protect their information from hackers and other threats. If you don’t understand how to properly secure your site, your brand can quickly become damaged as consumers do not hesitate to leave scathing reviews. Hire a professional web design company to help jumpstart your online business, get your products in front of consumers and set up a secure and easy to use e-commerce website. D4 Advanced Media can help you whether you are starting from scratch, need a redesign or want additional features to your website. At D4, we have extensive experience with:


  • Real-time data synchronization between an online store and ERP/accounting systems
  • Developing custom shipping solutions with real-time rate calculation
  • Inventory tracking and synchronization
  • Wholesale and alternative pricing portals
  • Integrating SalesForce, Quickbooks/Intuit POS, and other CRM Synchronization


Check out our ecommerce development page to find examples of our work that we have done for a variety of businesses. Whatever type of business you are starting we can help you with website design and development, graphic and print design, search engine optimization and marketing. Give us a call at 775-636-9986 and we can set you up with a custom e-commerce website to help you grow your online sales.