Website Hosting – Your Digital Rent Space

If you’ve ever wondered how to set up a website, understanding what it means to “host” your website is a good starting point. Web hosting is what allows you to post your website onto the internet. A web host provider is usually a business that provides the technology and service to allow this process to happen. A server is a special type of computer that websites are stored on. For example, if you were opening a physical brick and mortar business, you would talk to a real estate agent that would find you a suitable place to rent. Once you find the place you love, you sign a rental agreement, and that location will be yours to run a business out of. The same concept applies to the relationship between your website and website hosting provider. You rent space on a server, so when a customer types in your domain name on their browser, it connects them first to the server, and then the server will connect them to your website. Web hosting is your digital rent space.

Big Name Web Hosting Companies

One of the biggest names in web hosting is GoDaddy as they host and register a majority of websites found nationwide and they even offer hosting worldwide. Beneath them lie a few other well-known companies like Bluehost, HostGator, Liquid Web, and 1&1. Most companies like these offer domain registration and hosting, but creating your actual website uses features like website builders/content management systems (WordPress) or a more basic drag and drop feature like GoDaddy’s “GoCentral.” While big name companies provide an appeal of reliability or being easy to use, the moment you have a problem and need support is where these big companies lack. Don’t get us wrong, GoDaddy will provide you with support regarding hosting issues, or even with a domain you registered with them. While many of the “drag-and-drop” website builders are straight forward in use, they lack the ability to customize and truly create a unique website. More powerful website builders like WordPress that provide far more customization is also offered by companies like GoDaddy, but they do not provide support on it.

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D4 Advanced Media – Professional Website Hosting, Design and SEO

Hosting a website with D4 Advanced Media is reliable and provides quick load speeds. When you call our office, you talk directly with our staff who can assist you. Whether you are just looking for website hosting, or if you need the whole process of hosting and creating a website, we have you covered. We employ professional designers, developers and SEO specialists that not only host and create your website, but our skills go beyond to help your website rank well against competition on search engines like Google. Call us at (775) 636-9986 to discuss our hosting packages and to see how much further our service stretches beyond big name companies.