How to Increase Your Rank on Google

We all want our website to be in the top 3 rankings on Google when someone searches for certain words. But how do you get it there? First, I’d like to explain that what Google is ranking are the pages on your website, not your website as a whole. There are a lot of factors in play that affect if Google sees it as a relevant source. We have come up with 5 major factors that Google takes into account when ranking the pages on your website. valuable-content Your content should be completely unique and truly valuable to your readers. Gone are the days when you can just repeat your keywords 500 times and trick Google into thinking you have valuable content. Google and other search engines want, and can now recognize, content really written for humans. If your key words for a certain post are “Rank on Google,” you should be posting a blog about, let’s say, how you can increase your rank on Google (see what we did there) and not just randomly using the words “Increase your rank on Google.” Oops, we did it again.   keyword-ranking Each page or piece of content should have certain keywords that are being targeted. You have to balance writing content for humans, and writing content for search engines in this regard. Let’s say we wanted this page to be about “how to increase your Google ranking,” we would not get very far if we wrote entirely about the specific tools we use to monitor our SEO clients, for example, and never mentioned anything about Google rankings specifically.   responsive design Google has now started to negatively rank your website if it is not designed for mobile phones and tablets. Best practice for this has become what we call “Responsive Design.” This is when you maintain the same URL for your website, and when you change the size of the screen you are viewing the website on, the website automatically responds and changes to look appropriate for that size of screenNo more If you’d like to rank higher on Google, this is one issue that needs to be addressed if it hasn’t been already.   google ranking reno Have you ever looked at a link that ended with “/2016/10/04/click_now/548621/posttype=652/event=5423/subject=kitten-comedy”? I wouldn’t click on that either… but what if you saw a link that ended with “/cute-kitten-sneezes”? Yes. Show me this video right now please. We understand that sometimes multiple folders on a website make it easy to organize, but it does not make it easy for users and search engines to see your pages. The simpler the better! Increase your Google ranking by simplifying your navigation and your URL’s.   increase google rankHow fast does your page load? How easy is it for someone to scan through and get the general idea of what you are trying to say? How easy is it to navigate and see different elements of this page? Perfecting these factors and a few others equates to an exceptional user experience, which equates to a higher rank on Google.   So what do you say? Are you ready to dominate your competition, rank on the first page of Google, take over the world? OK, maybe I got a little carried away with that last one. But, we have seen first hand what ranking on the first page has done for our clients and we’d love to sit down with you and see if we can do the same for you. Call us today for a free SEO consultation and let’s see what we can do together.