New Moment Skis Website Launches!

It’s our third year developing the website for Handmade Ski Maker Moment Skis and we’re proud to announce the launch of this years new website!

We’ve gone the extra mile to develop a robust, user friendly, eCommerce platform and integrate that “lifestyle” image/branding that Moment strives for each year. For the best in Handmade Skis be sure to visit Moment Skis of Reno, Nevada.

The new site features:

  • Robust ecommerce front and back-end featuring: Quickbooks integration/sync,  custom dynamic coupon codes and offers, Fedex and USPS Live Rates, Order Tracking, etc.
  • Jquery based image gallery and frontpage featured area.
  • Flash based product “zoom” feature.
  • RSS Feed with “live” news featured throughout website.
  • Custom blog and Content Management System (CMS)