Where Do You Rank On Google?

Have you ever “Googled” your company or services? If not, or if you haven’t in awhile, try it! Try thinking about what your customers would type in that search bar if they were looking for a company like yours. For example, maybe you have a BBQ restaurant, are you showing up in the top 3-4 results when you type in words like “BBQ restaurant Reno” or “best brisket in Reno”? If not, you have a problem! Your audience is looking online for your services or products. Period. They search for broad terms related to what they are looking for. If they want an immigration lawyer for example, they won’t be searching your specific practice’s name, they are going to type “immigration lawyer.” If you aren’t in the first 3-4 results, you will likely be overlooked. How do you get to the top of Google’s results? I thought you would never ask… Search Engine Optimization or SEO basically boils down to optimizing you web presence for search engines, ie. increasing your rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are many different ways to achieve this goal depending  on your industry, goals and competition, but we have found the universally most effective way is a combination of website code optimization and content. You’ve heard the phrase “content is king”? Well, it’s true. Not only is content king, but Google  scans every facet of your content. They find out what is relevant, what is new, and what is different, and decide on who are the “king of kings” to rank higher than all the other content deemed not as relevant. Prove to Google that you are the authority for your services or products and they will reward you with the highest rank. Once you have built up your presence and rank well for some of your keywords, you are done! Just kidding… it takes constant and ongoing efforts to continue to stay on top of your competition. You want to make sure you don’t fall behind and make sure you are constantly tweaking your efforts to optimize your traffic and conversions. You should be measuring what keywords give you the most traffic, what keywords give you the highest conversions, what keywords are being searched for most often, etc. to continuously fine tune your strategy. Does this sound complicated and cumbersome? It can be, but that is why you hire professionals to do it for you. We take the time to research your company and dive into your goals to tailor-make the best Search Engine Optimization strategy for you. We devise a unique strategy and plan of action, and then we execute. We update you monthly on the progress of the SEO campaign, what we are tweaking and what has been done, and we produce results. If SEO sounds like something you want to look into for 2017, call us for a free consultation. We would love to work with you and see how we can help your business climb to the top of Google’s search results!