Tweets Now Appear in Mobile Google Searches

IMG_7715(1)Google recently announced that search results on a mobile device will now bring up tweets related to the search. The new feature, which runs through the Google app for Android and iOS, allows viewers to look up tweets about trending topics or see the posts of a specific Twitter account. This is an excellent reason for you brand to be actively using Twitter. The first thing to note is that you should not count on brand recognition based on your logo. In these searches your name, his Twitter handle, avatar and a feature of an image you have recently shared may appear. But not all searches trigger a rich media result like this. For example, when we searched for D4 our tweet appeared without imagery but showed our name and Twitter handle along with our very astute observation about ponchos. Make sure that your Twitter handle is clearly identifiable. This is sometimes a challenge given the character limits of Twitter usernames, but it’s important that you find a way to easily identify your brand by your handle alone. This not only impacts your brand’s tweets, but also any relevant tweets that mention your brand’s handle. Make sure that when others tweet about you that anyone viewing that tweet will know it was your brand mentioned. Have other questions about social media or mobile devices? Contact D4 Advanced Media today to learn how we can help.